A police officer in  Cobb County, Georgia, was recorded reprimanding a small Black boy in the mall using excessive force, according to Heavy.com.

In the video uploaded to Twitter on Monday night, the boy is seen calmly speaking to the arresting officer about his rights. The cop, who is grabbing the boy by his arm, responded, “You’re about to go to jail. You’re about to go to a youth detention center if you don’t stop.”

The boy’s aunt, who recorded the encounter, can be heard pleading with the officer, saying, “He has his rights. He’s not even doing anything right now, and I have his father on the phone and you won’t even speak to him.”

The cop tried to walk away with the boy, and his aunt intervened, screaming, “You’re not about to handle him like that.” The phone is knocked from her hand as she seemingly stepped in to try to protect her nephew.

Activist Simar shared the video and wrote in a tweet, “Somehow police officers can arrest mass murderers in America without confrontation but when it comes to black kids they use excessive force. This is a little boy, having his arm bent & being tossed around by a cop at a mall in Cobb County. Cops in America need better training.”


Columnist Shaun King later shared the video of the altercation on Instagram. He identified the boy as Corey J., aka Lil C-Note, a 12-year-old rapper and motivational speaker.

“This is @coreyjakalilcnote,” King wrote. “I used to say that these cops needed more training and better training. And listen, training is fine, but I’ve come to understand that cops know how to treat people with respect and fairness and patience.”

He continued, “When they go to rich white neighborhoods with kids that are in ALL types of trouble for rape, drugs, assault, theft, and everything else, THEY DON’T act like this. Period. And let me answer one other thing. Racist white people love to say, if Black people didn’t act up this wouldn’t happen. Bulls**t. White folk act up and act out non stop, but this type of stuff just doesn’t happen. Period. This is a little boy. He did nothing wrong.”


Since the video went viral, some social media users have suggested that the officer in the video is Daniel Phillip Goduto, but that has not yet been verified.