Crispin Cole was driving home from a job interview in Germantown, Maryland when a White motorist not only called him the n-word, but threatened to take his life in an extreme act of racist road rage.

The 35-year-old stopped at a red light a few car lengths back to allow traffic to turn onto the road, reports Fox 5. This reportedly set the driver behind him off.

"The car behind me, this gentleman, he got upset and he wanted me to move forward and started honking his horn. And I didn’t move, because it’s a red light. There’s no need to move," Cole told WUSA. “And he just wanted me to move forward and block the intersection, but I didn’t do it. So I saw in my rear view mirror he was flicking me off and I kept seeing him mouth the N-word.”

When the light turned green, the man drove past Cole, rolled his window down and threatened to kill him. Cole then followed the motorist to record because, “People don’t believe you when you say something like this happens, and this one, I got tired of it.”

When he caught up with incensed driver, the man parked his car, hopped out, opened Cole’s door and threatened him a second time. See the video below.