A White customer at a Macy’s in Dallas, Texas was recorded going on a racist tirade against an Arabic-speaking sales associate on Christmas Eve.

According to the New York Post, a witness began recording the conflict after the man became angry that the employee was speaking to her colleague in Arabic. At the beginning of the clip, which was initially shared on Twitter, bystanders are telling the man to leave the department store.

“I don’t need to do s**t” he responded and told one woman in a striped sweater he would call security on her for interfering with his purchase.

Other shoppers were shocked at the racist scene and thought it was a joke. A Black man came to the woman’s defense and questioned why the man was so bothered by someone speaking a different language.

“Is this some kind of TV show going on right now? Because I can’t believe you’re going to sit here and talk to somebody because you don’t understand them,” the Black man said. “They were talking to each other, right? Were they talking to you?”

The man refusing to acknowledge his racism explained, “I don’t speak Arabic. They were speaking Arabic.”‘

Enraged that other patrons were defending the use of a foreign language, the infuriated customer shouted out, “All you Arabs and Democrats won’t you go back where you came from.”

In order to de-escalate the conflict, another employee agreed to help the man make his purchase at a different counter.

Macy’s has since apologized for the racist incident and will be investigating it further.