A video of a White man allegedly harassing a group of Black women doing a photo shoot on a Texas street on Sept. 21 made its rounds on social media. According to Yahoo News, the man, dubbed “Permit Model,” wanted the women to move from in front of the public location.

“Guys, this is Permit Model. He is blocking our model while we are trying to shoot” an unidentified woman holding the camera can be heard saying in the video.

The two parties appeared to have had a dispute before the recording began. The cameraperson is threatening to call the police after the male antagonist ignored requests to see paperwork of his ownership of the property.

“I don’t care whether you’re trespassing,” the male antagonist stated. Another woman stepped into the shot saying, “This is my property, so I’m asking you to leave.”

Brother Tyrone X uploaded the video to Twitter on Friday, writing, “This white man claim he [owned] the property but we know that is not true because he would have demanded the black ladies to leave or he would call the police. Instead, he stood in their photo shoot when they were peacefully shooting in a public space to stop harassing them.”

The woman recording brought up Amber Guyger, a White off-duty cop who shot and killed Botham Jean, her Black neighbor, in Dallas, earlier this month, to express her frustration with the photo incident.