Florida Gulf Coast University is offering a “White Racism” class designed to show “the U.S. has been and remains a White supremacist society.”

CBS reports that the class is being taught by a sociology professor.

Assistant Professor Ted Thornhill said he sent police at Florida Gulf Coast University close to 50 pages of negative comments sent to him in response to the news of the class, which does not include “thousands and thousands” of comments saying what he described as “unspeakable” things.

Thornhill said the comments included “all types of vile statements” including those from people who wished “ill will toward me and my family, referring to me with racial epithets.”

Brittani Anderson is a senior at the university. She said that she feels the course is necessary due to past incidents on campus.

“The course needs to be taught, and so, that’s what’s going to happen,” he told the station. “It’s a legitimate course.”

According to the course description, the class “will interrogate the concept of race: examine the racist ideologies, laws, policies, and practices that have operated for hundreds of years to maintain white racial domination over those racialized as non-white; and discuss ways to challenge white racism and white supremacy toward promoting an anti-racist society where whiteness is not tied to greater life chances.”