A former security guard at a Catholic university in St. Paul, Minnesota, has evaded jail time after accidentally shooting himself and then pinning his injury on a fictional hoodie-wearing Black man.

Security personnel at St. Catherine University are prohibited from carrying firearms. When Brent P. Ahlers shot himself in the shoulder while on duty, he blamed it on an imaginary Black man, leading to the deployment of 55 police officers, four K-9s and the Minnesota State Patrol force in mid-September.

Despite all the dramatic, race-baiting measures he took to keep his job, the 35-year-old was still terminated after he admitted to lying about how he received his injury. In October, he pleaded guilty to falsely reporting a crime.

In place of jail time, Judge Nicole Starr of the Ramsey Court District ordered Ahlers to attend six meetings for a group of men whose lives have been impacted by the criminal justice system. The majority of the men in the group are Black.

Ahlers also owes $4,500 for wasting police time and resources. If he doesn’t demonstrate he’s learned anything from the sessions, the judge says he will be sentenced to 60 days in jail.

“I’ll expect you’ll have something to say that’s a little bit more than, ‘I’m sorry,’” Starr said according to TwinCities.com.

Tyrone Terrill, president of the African-American Leadership Council (AALC), said Ahlers, who has since moved from Minnesota, should have received a harsher punishment.

“He should have gotten the maximum on everything,” Terrill said. “When you say you have an active shooter in the community … it’s only by the grace of God that nobody got hurt.”

The AALC leader will also be present during the sessions Ahlers is required to attend. He fully plans on imparting to Ahlers the gravity of his fabrications.