A racially charged video of three Raleigh, North Carolina, middle school students making racially offensive comments has the Wake County school system on high alert.

According to WTVD, students from Leesville Road Middle School—who have since faced disciplinary action since the video went viral—can be seen making racially insensitive remarks about other students.

A local news report on the story by 11 ABC can be viewed below and says parents learned about the video in a phone message from the principal at the institution. The school district referred to the footage as “concerning.”

“Three of our students posted a music video on a music app that was shared with others,” Leesville Road Middle School Principal, Cindy Kremer, said in the call. “The students’ video was a racist rant filled with racist imagery. Not long after the song was posted online, it was removed. Copies continued in circulation.”

The children expressed hostility towards Arab and Jewish individuals as well.

It doesn’t look like the video was shot and recorded on school grounds, but Luann Grochowski, who is a Leesville Road Middle School parent, said the incident was an indicator that parents and administrators need to pay more attention to what goes on in the school.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility in the community to follow up on stuff like that,” she added, “and to make sure we’re really talking to our kids and making sure that they are becoming the human beings that we all know and want them to be.”