Recently, a White supremacist admitted to hacking into Trayvon Martin's email, social networking accounts, and has been leaking his personal business all over the World Wide Web. The hacker, who goes by the name Klanklannon, posted the late 17-year-old's personal Facebook messages on a White supremacist message board. Klanklannon also uploaded screen shots of correspondence between Martin and a friend in which they talk about getting high.

With more and more people attacking the child's character, instead of looking at the ill-begotten circumstance, the negative propaganda is finding its way onto the Internet quickly day-by-day. While the authenticity of Martin's posts cannot be confirmed, the tech thief managed to send a photo of the Florida high school student's Gmail inbox over to Gawker to prove his hacking abilities. Elsewhere on the Net, conservative website somehow gained access to Martin's Twitter account and posted his tweets in an apparent smear campaign before the page was deleted.

Has blaming the victim become the only recourse in a case where the full story has yet to be reported?