Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, was arrested in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday morning after she assaulted a fellow D train passenger.

Videos of the altercation were captured and uploaded to Twitter by user Platano Man, real name Juan Ayala. The nearly 4-minute clips now have close to 2 million views each and show Lushchinskaya yelling, “F**k off,” before kicking the Asian woman standing next to her.

Many social media users nicknamed the attacker “Subway Sally,” linking her to the increasing number of racist incidents that are going viral.

Throughout the two clips, the 40-year-old is seen hitting the Asian woman with an umbrella and keys, spitting and calling her a racial slur.

Several other subway riders tried to de-escalate the situation by standing between the women. Once the crowd heard Lushchinskaya call the Asian victim a “c**nk,” the train car erupted in disgust.

“You’re a disgrace to all White people,” the victim retorted.

Ayala added, “You already know she voted for Trump.” According to his tweets, he also detained Lushchinskaya at the 36th Street station until the police arrived on the scene.

Early Thursday morning, Edward Delatorre, the NYPD chief of transit, thanked passengers for intervening and providing information that led to Luschinskaya’s arrest.

“ARRESTED: 40 year-old Anna Lushchinskaya was arrested by officers from Transit District 34 in Brooklyn and charged with felony assault in this case,” Delatorre tweeted.

“Thank you to everyone who intervened and provided information.”

Lushchinskaya was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault, menacing in the second degree and harassment.