A Black man babysitting two children had the police called on him by a White woman and followed them home, WABE reports.

A woman stopped Corey Lewis outside a Walmart in Cobb County, Georgia and asked to speak to the kids, who were White, CBS 46 reported on Tuesday.

Lewis refused the woman’s request, which resulted in her calling the cops and following him to his house.

A police officer arrived, questioned the two kids and called their parents, who confirmed that Lewis, a family friend and youth mentor, was tasked in watching the kids.

Dana Mango, the mother of the six and 10-year-old, said that the cop told her that Lewis was questioned because he was a Black man driving with two White children, per CBS 46.

“B-W-B is the new thing, babysitting while black,” David Parker, the father of the kids, told the station.