A White woman was filmed crying to a police officer after she was punched for ripping a sign away from a Black Lives Matter protester at a march in downtown Minneapolis on Tuesday, according to Fox 9. Hundreds of people gathered seeking justice for the fatal officer-involved shooting of Thurman Blevins.

Body cam footage of the shooting revealed that Blevins was running away unarmed when he was killed on June 23. However, after reviewing the case, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman decided not to charge the officers, which led the crowd to form outside the county’s government center.

The horde of people began to walk along the light rail tracks during the demonstration, causing delays on mass transit lines. Karen Scullin, an anchor at the news station, said the woman was punched after she ran into the protest from a blocked train. She screamed, “I just want to go home” before grabbing a sign from a protester, who retaliated by punching her two times. The altercation was quickly broken up, and the woman is seen in the video crying to the police.