I never thought I’d be writing about The Maury Povich Show on here, but alas, I am.

Not so much the show itself, but one peculiar guest who recently “transitioned” into a Black woman.

Yeah …

During an appearance on the show, Martina Big explained why she chose to drastically change her appearance. Big, who was born White, also detailed her transition.

“Martina, do you think you’re a Black person?” Maury asked.

“Yes,” Big replied. “But 80 percent. I have to learn a lot. I know.”


When the daytime talk show host and paternity-test king asked his guest if she thought she coold “absorb” African-American culture, Big said, “I know … I feel this stuff.”

“Being Black is not about [hair] extensions,” Maury stated.

Big transitioned—and I use that term loosely—by taking supplements to darken her skin, having a nose job, getting lip implants and undergoing various other procedures. She also wears a kinky weave.

The very notable breast enhancements were done before her decision to transition.

“When I first started, I liked the contrast of blonde hair or dark skin, but as I looked in the mirror I noticed, ‘Your eye color is also changing,'” Big explained to stunned and confused audience members.

Big also said her hair texture and color were changing. In other words, she was “evolving” into a Black woman.

“Hopefully next year I don’t need any extensions because my real growing hairs will be black completely,” she said

Lord Geezus.

“It’s better to be Black,” she said. “The feeling inside is just happier.”

Wow. Watch the very unusual yet obvious example of White privilege at play in the clip below.