An Orlando, Florida resort has apologized after footage of a White mother calling a Black guest the N-word went viral this week.

Dr. Covey Banks shared footage via Facebook of her trip to Omni Orlando Resort, where she overheard a little girl crying while in the pool, asking her mother to take her to the bathroom. Instead of taking her daughter, she instructed the child to simply pee in the pool, according to Banks.

“The little girl was crying and begging her mother to take her to the bathroom. The mom started looking around we presumed for the bathroom, and we pointed it out to her … She started yelling ‘you don’t know what MY daughter is saying,’ ‘I’m taking her to the bathroom,’ ‘I was not telling her to pee in the pool (guilty conscience), etc. Figuring she was embarrassed because she got caught being nasty, we paid her no mind,” she stated.

When the mom returned with her daughter, Banks claims she told her kids to splash their family.

“After a couple of cannonballs, we started splashing too. I mean, we’re in a pool, we don’t mind splashing. Then she said ‘Come on let’s leave these black b**ches.’”

An older White woman, presumed to be the little girl’s grandmother, then began chanting, “black b**ch, black b**ches.” The grandmother later called Banks a “ni**er.”

Watch the incident below.

In a statement to the Orlando Sentinel, Omni Hotels & Resorts President Peter Strebel said he had personally apologized to Banks.

“An incident occurred at our resort in Orlando last weekend. Two families staying with us got into a dispute and one family used racial slurs. The use of such language is completely unacceptable and it will not be tolerated at our hotels and resorts. We are sorry this horrible event occurred at one of our properties and I have personally apologized to Dr. Banks.”