Well, this is coming as somewhat of a surprise and it certainly has us grinding our teeth. Off the heels of the Angela Bassett-directed Lifetime movie Whitney, Showtime is in the process of delivering a Whitney Houston documentary.

According to the network, the film will take an “uncensored look at Houston and explore the impact her life and death had on the people around her and on the world of music.”

Produced, directed and narrated by Nick Broomfield, the untitled doc will be shot in Los Angeles and feature behind-the-scenes material, interviews and key people in her life.

Showtime expressed interest in Broomfield due to his past works and being a “bold storyteller.”

Broomfield’s provocative storytelling also landed him in a bit of controversy following the release of his film Kurt & Courtney in 1998. The filmmaker made headlines after Courtney Love alleged that the movie suggested she played a role in Kurt Cobain’s deatha claim she has denied.

The Whitney documentary has been in development for a year. We’ll keep you looped in on details.

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