A recent L.A. County coroner's report reveals what the world has been waiting to learn: Did drugs play a role in Whitney Houston's death? According to the report, that was indeed the case. In addition to prescription drugs Xanax, Benadryl, and Flexeril, cocaine and traces of marijuana were found in Houston's system upon closer inspection. Those drugs, coupled with Houston's heart disease, are believed to have contributed to her death. The report lists the two major factors as contributors to her demise, yet the coroner determined that Houston's official cause of death was drowning. Apparently, it's "very likely" that Houston had a heart attack, triggered by her use of cocaine, that lead to her losing consciousness in the bath tub. 

There are many questions that remain, despite the official cause of death having been released. Although drugs were found in Houston's system, only Midol, Xanax, and Ibuprofen were found on the scene when investigators arrived at the hotel room. Someone close to Houston must have cleared all of that out of the room prior to anyone else's arrival, but who did the deed? Would Houston still be alive right now had she not been taking a bath or had forgone taking the drugs that night? The answers may never be known, but Houston's untimely passing continues to strike a chord throughout the world.

Does this official cause of death seem accurate, or is the Houston family right to suspect foul play? Does this recent report complicate Houston's complex legacy even further?