There are hundreds of ways to cook chicken. But a familiar and easy option is roasted chicken. Roasting chicken is healthier than deep-frying, retains flavor, and still gives the crispy texture everyone loves. As important as the practice, is the preparation; seasoning and sides are major key. 

When preparing roasted chicken it's important to give the marinade time to set in, baste the meat when in the oven, and properly grease the pan it's on. "One meal that I have been making each week is Roasted Chicken Thighs with potatoes and carrots," food blogger Simply LaKita says about her roasted chicken dish. "The perfect one-pan recipe that I make in a cast-iron skillet. It is so comforting, filling, and flavorful."

Below, these Black chefs have prepared their own version of roasted chicken incorporating items like caramelized fruits, honey, leafy veggies, and spices.