Exercise takes time, time that many of us don’t have! Exercise can be challenging, costly and difficult. And for the ladies, there’s often the question of what to do with your hair before and after a good session.  There are a plethora of excuses (often dressed as “reasons”) encouraging us not to work out. Alas, these excuses are no match for the benefits of exercise.

Think of all the time, effort and money you spend on doctors visits that can be prevented by taking better care of your temple. Regular exercise is a proactive approach to your health care that comes with bonuses; you can maintain a healthier weight, keep toned and you will look (and feel) great! Furthermore, exercise boosts energy, increases mental capacity, decreases stress levels, lowers blood pressure, increases good cholesterol, can prevent osteoporosis…the health benefits are endless!

As we get older, we lose muscle mass, become less agile and our stability decreases. Exercise can offset these symptoms and ensure that we enhance our present and future quality of life. Running to catch a bus or running round with your children can be tiring and exhausting. You may have aches and pains getting in and out of your car, or getting up from sitting on the floor.  Walking or running up a flight of stairs may be exhausting; these activities can be a difficult now and/or become difficult as you age and especially if you gain weight.  Start exercising now, make a realistic plan and keep in mind working out once a week is better than nothing. Likewise, five minutes a day of exercise is better than nothing! Get it in when you can and work to find a consistent workout schedule that works for you over time.

As adults we are role models for our children, if we lead active lifestyle styles, our youth are likely to do the same.  Similarly, if you are active and exercising your friends are likely to do the same. Exercise for your own health and to inspire the youth and others around you.

Jade Alexis, celebrity trainer and Reebok sponsored instructor, has worked with stars including Alica Keys, Lamman Rucker and Elle Varner. A Fitness Magazine Advisory Board expert she has contributed to numerous workout DVDs. Visit LivingJade.com  and get fit now with her Jade of Spades fitness app!