Blogger Bougie Black Girl shares why she decided not to listen to or support rap music anymore. 

For me, a Black woman’s relationship to rap music is like being in a horrible relationship for 30 years. I will be honest. It was good at first. Rap music was fun, imperfect and complex. There were so many genres and creative spaces. But its complexity, genius and other positive qualities it did not outweigh its negative treatment of women who look like me. So why did I put up with it long after I should have left?

I didn’t stay with rap because I loved it or it treated me good. It didn’t benefit me in any way. It treats Black women like crap. I stayed with rap because I became used to it. I felt like I had nothing else. I mean who doesn’t love rap?

Rap makes everyone dance and smile but was quick to publicly humiliate me and call Black women a bitch or a hoe. When it did, I purposely ignored it. I reassured myself not to worry, rap music, just like my partner was just kidding. I mean rap didn’t mean to call me out of my name even though it has done it over and over and over again. It wasn’t really talking about me even though it was talking about me. Because rap loves me, right?