My short brethren have been slandered for many years. The infinite jokes aimed their way is only rivaled by the perennial losing streak that light skinned brothers have suffered since House Party 2 was in theaters. Although many see their height as a deficiency, I hold admiration for these gentlemen. While they may lack in physical stature, they more than make up for it in other areas.

A few years ago, I wrote about women and their disdain for shorter gentleman.  Alas, in 2012, it seems that things are turning around for the small guys! Short dudes are winning now more than ever. Let me highlight some key ways in which these fellas are finding success with women:

The Gift of Gab: Many of the shorter men that I know have exquisite elocution. They can tell the best jokes, speak on any number of topics, and can spark an intrigue in any woman who might be apprehensive to give them the time of day. While a shorter man can see that his height might prove to work against him, he will know how to communicate well. Why? Because any smart man knows that stimulating a woman’s mind is the final frontier to winning while courting.

Enhancing Other Physical Qualities: You ever see these short dudes in the gym? They are the most diesel dudes around! They walk around the weights like pit bulls bred for fighting! Seriously, folks who ‘lack’ in any area, especially an area that they can do little to improve, often learn to improve everything surrounding it. Think of an athlete that tears a shoulder or dislocates a bone. Usually, the doctors will have them strengthen the muscles around the damaged area to prevent further injury and to compensate for any other damage. This is what short guys do. They will get in top physical condition. They will make sure their style is on point. They will take care of any aesthetic quality they can control in order to make themselves as the total package more appealing.

Choosing Battles Wisely: My homie Mr. Spradley from SBM (who is of the “Not Tall” persuasion), wrote a great guide to how short “Not Tall” men can win. Addressing and accepting their height was one of his main points. He wrote: “One of the worst things you can do if you’re not a tall person is be self-conscious about your height. If you’re not tall you need to accept that fact and keep it pushing. You also have to accept the fact that people will have no problem pointing out to you the fact that you’re not tall.  A dude who’s not tall can be 35 years old and a woman will have no problem telling him he’s ‘adorable.’ You just gotta eat those.”

As a shorter guy, you can’t concern yourself about those who will judge you for your lack of height, or even those women who won’t be interested. You have to accept it, and turn it into a positive. If you walk into a room with a bunch of tall dudes, you can’t be scared, but you also have to be strategic in how you play the field. Short dudes now know how to get in where they fit in (no pun) and make the game work for them.

Confidence is (Really) Key: Any short person knows that the term “Napoleon complex” is always loaded up and ready to fire at will. People expect those who aren’t tall to be combative, self-conscious, and even introverted. The short dude who wins knows how to temper his emotions and just be himself. He doesn’t care if he’s in a room with the 2012 class of NBA rookies, he will let his personality and other qualities stand taller than the rest. He will accept the challenge of charming any woman out of her phone number and enjoy the victories he can accumulate. Some small guys might even appear cocky or conceited, but you won’t call them pushovers. The short dudes who I see flock to taller ladies inspire me the most. For men, having a woman taller than you can be intimidating, but when you exhibit the confidence that these gentlemen display, you can’t help but respectfully bow to their sense of self.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on shorter men? Is height a deal breaker? Have you seen shorter men display the qualities above? Shorter guys come through and represent! Has your height impacted your dating life? 

Vaughn Streetz is a writer for the men’s blog SBM. His passion for storytelling and diverse interests are driven by both his life experiences, and his desire to motivate and be inspired. Follow him on Twitter: @StreetzTalk