As it turns out, I’ve been blessed (and cursed) with a remarkable eye for textures and colors. My philosophy when it comes to colors, textures, patterns and mixing them all? Go big or go home! In addition to pairing bright hues (my favorite this season is Tangerine Tango) with the occasional neutral this spring, I simply can not get enough of ikat.

Though I’m sure you’ve seen it, Wikipedia describes ikat as a dyeing technique that employs a resist-dyeing process that is similar to, say, tie-dye (which, by the by, I also love). What has attracted me so passionately to this pattern? I adore the notion that it is  tribal. I am moved by the mixture of colors within each stitch of fabric. Of all of its’ attributes, the dynamic character resonates; no two instances are hardly ever alike.

Dare I also say that there is also a timeless and classic feel to ikat? I’m seeing ikat in some of the most unlikely places: from iPad covers and dining ware to shoes and skirts. I MAY or may not be a tad bit obsessed with it. In a word? It’s hot! I’ve pulled together some of my favorite ikat and ikat-inspired lifestyle objects. I dare you to infuse it your home decor, wardrobe and personal style this season!  

—Shameeka Ayers