One of Hollywood's most in-demand actors, Will Smith will finally be heading behind the camera for his directorial debut. The former "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"-turned-leading man has attached his name to an 'epic' biblical, vampiric adaptation of Cain and Abel. This story has been in Smith's crosshairs for a while now, his name and production company Overbrook Entertainment having once been attached to "The Legend of Cain." The script, which was written in 2010, is currently in the revision stage and had no director signed on before Smith. 

While a detailed synopsis has not be released, some have noted the similarities between the film's initial description and the role-playing game "Vampire: The Masquerade." In "Masquerade," the backstory is as follows:

"Caine is the father of all vampires (also called the cainites). He was cursed by god for killing his own brother to wander the lands out of Eden forever (immortality). While wandering, he encountered Lilith, his father Adam's first wife. From her he learned the basic powers of vampires (called Disciplines). Caine was then visited by four Angels. They offered him the chance to repent for Abel's murder. Caine rejected each angel. Because of this each Angel cursed him: weakness to fire, vulnerability to sunlight, thirst for blood and constant betrayal."

Whether or not the updated script will still include a vampire twist has yet to be announced.