Born in rural California, Willy Chavarria initially pursued commercial art, studying graphic design at the Academy of the Arts before transitioning to the realm of fashion. With a commitment to amplifying human dignity, Chavarria channels his talent and skill set to empower the underrepresented through art and design, embodying a mission to uplift and inspire while advocating for social justice causes. Chavarria's collections exude a sensitive and cinematic essence, blending the emotive power of art with contemporary political narratives to craft stories of human resilience. Drawing inspiration from his Mexican American heritage, urban landscapes, and the cultural tapestry surrounding him, Most notably, he was honored as the inaugural Latin American Fashion Designer of the Year and awarded the 2023 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year accolade. He infuses his designs with biographical elements that reflect his personal journey and societal observations.

In Willy's own words, "Sometimes looks on a runway can't paint the full picture. We need to see the garments move throughout a life experience. I hope to share a depth in what clothing means to me through this presentation." Through his designs, Chavarria seeks to convey a profound connection between clothing and personal experience, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the emotional resonance of his creations.

This collection is an ode to love and protection, reflecting our innate human instinct to safeguard one another from harm. Willy Chavarria invites us into his world of raw intimacy, sensuality, and unwavering confidence through a captivating blend of black leather, open collars, houndstooth patterns, tweed fabrics, tassel loafers and tracksuits. The distinct codes of Willy Chavarria are unmistakable, characterized by a play on silhouette that evolves his unique aesthetic while continually intriguing and captivating audiences. Rather than serving as a distraction from reality, this autumn 2024 collection serves as a poignant reminder to acknowledge and celebrate the love that permeates our everyday lives.