Color gives hair character. A bright red reads fiery and passionate, while jet black tresses can give off a sense of mystery and intrigue. Along with top shades like chocolate and blonde, there’s a trio of eccentric hues that can satiate your rock star ambitions without killing your grown-up ‘do.

The key is to work with deep electric shades that compliment almost any color. Indigo, a rich-hued blue, is just bright enough to get a second look, but dark enough to still be sophisticated. A clever touch of grey gives a cocoa-drenched mane a serious jolt, and violet looks absolutely amazing on naturals.

Infusing these colors is easy as long as you obey one rule: keep it subtle. Only the likes of Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith are allowed to entirely repaint their manes. Stick to these tips:

LIFT OFF: To showcase the true shade of these colors, you’ll have to lighten your hair several levels to a deep auburn to medium blonde. We recommend seeking the expertise of a professional, first, and maintaining at-home with color rinses and semi-permanents. You’ll have to re-stain the area once a month.

SPOT ON: Try hairline highlights near the front of your mane by saturating color in a small circular area of hair. If you dig ponytails or would prefer a softer color presence, section off strips of hair on both sides just above your ears. The color will be striking when you wear your hair up and discreet when it’s down. A side streak is perfect for graduated bobs, messy waves and curls.

FAKE IT: Color commitment-phobes can skip a permanent process and have their stylist add in colored pieces in the aforementioned areas.

—Kimberly Walker