Okay …I’m was born and raised in Chicago, so I can only speak on my winter war experiences for this city. No matter what side of town you’re on, everyone know that if a chair, bucket or other inanimate object is placed in a shoveled out parking spot, that means it is reserved.

But each and ever winter, someone tries someone in the city of wind, by either parking in their spot as they’re shoveling snow, or moving their bootleg parking space savers out of the way.

Well according to ABC 7, one woman is claiming that her break line was cut due to the war, otherwise known as “dibs.”

The woman, who resides in the city’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood, told investigators her brake lines were cut after she parked in a spot someone else had reserved with lawn chairs.

Dibs is a Chicago tradition that most residents take seriously.

The 25-year-old woman, who requested to remain anonymous, said her brake lines were severed, and she realized something was wrong during her commute to work when her car would not make a complete stop when stepping on the brakes.

“I understand that people have to put a lot of work into it. But, I’ve had to shovel my own car out of the snow when we had the big storm and I wasn’t selfish enough to claim a spot that wasn’t legally mine,” the woman said.

Police are investigating.