A March 3rd shooting in Milwaukee is being compared to the highly publicized Trayvon Martin case in central Florida. Bo Morrison, a 20-year-old young man was attending a house party where underage drinking was involved. After police arrived to the behest of a neighbor, Adam Kind, who was complaining about the loud music, Morrison ran to Kind’s enclosed porch on the back of his house. There Kind, a white man, shot and killed Morrison while police officers were just a hundred feet from the house.

Covered by Wisconsin’s Castle Doctrine Law enacted late last year, Kind was not charged for using deadly force, under protection of the law. Kind says the young man,who was wearing dark clothing was approaching him when he shot. Bullet wounds tell a different story, entering through Morrison’s shirt and exiting through his buttocks as if he were crouching down. In any case, Morrison’s mother is adamant about getting justice. “He executed my son. This cannot happen to another kid,” she said.