Having a good New Year's Eve party is all about what's on the playlist. You want to have the right mix of hot new tunes, classic oldies and some Whitney Houston on rotation to get everyone on their feet. Pulling together what music to play on New Year's Eve is no easy task—one false move could squash the whole get up and get on the dance floor vibe. For guidance, EBONY turned to people who move to the beat for a living, the A.I.M by Kyle Abraham dance company, who kick off their national tour on January 27, 2023 in Denver, Colorado.

AIM Kyle Abraham
A.I.M by Kyle Abraham dance troupe. Image: Robert Torres @treborserrot c/o Celebrity Series Boston.

Here, the group share their top picks of what to put on when the ball is about to drop and you're ready to groove in the New Year.

“Just Wanna Rock” by Lil Uzi Vert
Lil Uzi Vert
“Just Wanna Rock"
"This is an exhilarating Jersey club track that will echo hyper and high energetic feelings for the New Year!" - Kar'mel Antonyo Wade Small

Price: $2

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Whitney Houston I wanna Dance WIth Somebody
Whitney Houston
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
This is a track you can listen to everyday. It’s upbeat and fun and has a playful energy that always delivers a feel-good mood." -Tamisha Guy

Price: $8

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Turn me on by Black Coffee
Black Coffee
"Turn Me On"
"House music is one of the best kinds of music to dance to, and this one in particular from DJ Black Coffee just makes everyone feel good each time it's played. The smooth vocals accompanied by that driving beat are really such a vibe." -Gianna Theodore

Price: $4

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Don't Let It Go To Your Head 12' Version
Jean Carn
"Don't Let It Go To Your Head" 12' Version
"After making so many works this past year focusing on love, I'm drawn to the vulnerability, fun and undeniable groove of this 1978 anthem." - Kyle Abraham

Price: $14

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Pain” by PinkPantheress
"It’s short with a groovy lighthearted beat. It makes me feel like I’m lost in a video game, and that nostalgic feeling is perfect for coming into the New Year." - Jamaal Bowman

Price: $10

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2 Sugar by Wizkid feat. Ayra Starr
Wizkid feat. Ayra Starr
"2 Sugar"
"This song is a groove in celebration of self and the people you're surrounded by, as well as another year of growth and experience. Here's to basking in good energy and swerving any negativity." -Keerati Jinakunwiphat

Price: $11

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Melodies From Heaven by Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin
"Melodies From Heaven"
"Not sure there’s anything better than hearing a classic gospel bop play in the midst of a party. This song is a moment in itself, but on a day that closes out the end of year, it provides a track that can get people in their nostalgia bag all while connecting to gratitude and keeping the dance floor active with a classic Auntie two-step."- Catherine Kirk

Price: $7

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Let's Get It On_Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye
“If I Should Die Tonight”
"The melodies and symphonies make a body feel elevated, and the softness and care in Marvin’s voice and the lyrics always seem to hit the soul. Definitely a classic in my book." - Martell Ruffin

Price: $11

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Anita Baker album
Anita Baker
"No One In The World"
“Maybe not the most upbeat song of choice, however the possibilities of intimacy this song allows is all you need. Imagine slow dancing with you partner, sharing warmth and carrying love into the new year.” - Donovan Reed

Price: $13

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Hymn Medley (feat. Chandler Moore) by Maverick City
Maverick City (feat. Chandler Moore)
"Hymn Medley"
"Not your typical song to groove to, but this is a song is great if minds are racing and need to be relfective. Listen when searching for a sense of clarity and assurance." -Dymon Samara

Price: $10

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Let Me Be Me Nite-Funk & Dâm-Funk
"Let Me Be Me:
“For more collaboration and looking and feeling good in 2023!” - Jae Neal

Price: $4

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