A witness who saw an alleged White gunman kill two Black people inside of Kroger grocery store in Kentucky said that the man told him that “Whites don’t kill Whites,” NBC News reports.

Before his arrest, Gregory Bush, 51, reportedly exchanged gunfire with a bystander after he allegedly killed Maurice Stallard, 69, and Vicki Lee Jones, 67 on Wednesday.

Ed Harrell, the witness who claims Bush told him the remarks, encountered him in the store’s parking lot, according to NBC affiliate WAVE3.

Police are investigating the incident and are looking into what the suspect did prior to the shooting.

“We received a tip that the suspect was seen outside of a local church,” said Jeffersontown Police Chief Sam Rogers.

Rogers added that Bush allegedly tried to enter the First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown, a mostly Black church, before the shooting but was “unsuccessful.”

NBC reports that Bush’s shared “racially charged” opinions on his Facebook page.

“They cast a black Human Torch, why not a white Static-Shock? You know why,” Bush wrote in a 2015 post.

Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf expressed his condolences to the victims’ families.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the Vicki Jones and Maurice Stallard whose lives were cut short in this senseless act – and especially want to remember the grandson who was with his grandfather at the time of the shooting,” he said. “We also seek a sense of peace for the store employees and residents of our community who were witnesses to the terrible tragedy.”