Uh oh, Amber Rose.

Wiz Khalifa let us all know that he is not a “booty call!”

Two was not better than one for his former spouse who suggested on her “Loveline” podcast that (after an unsatisfactory threesome) she might “just call my baby daddy over tonight, get a little something.”

But Wiz wasn’t having it, and fired back Friday morning tweeting, “Not here for your rebound after your threesome. Only peace and love @DaRealAmberRose.”

Khalifa’s tweet came moments after posting a video of himself, his son and Amber in bed relaxing — which looked rather platonic, btw.

“If I were to say, ‘I f***ed two b****es last week and it was wack. Ima just call my baby’s mom.’ Would you feel flattered?” he continued.

Short answer? Nah.

It wasn’t long before the two could be seen feuding online…

“I’m getting publicly Slut shamed…Again,” Rose tweeted. “For the same things he does all the time….Great. #GimmieMyWatchBack Lol #PettyAF still (heart emoji) u tho.”

Here’s a guess, Amber may have to seek another party for her sexual needs.

We can imagine many folks are shocked at Wiz Khalifa’s reaction, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. How would you feel if your former spouse…hell even someone you used to be in a relationship with reduced you to a “friend with benefits,” and ONLY because of a wack sex encounter? Many would be insulted and wonder how they got to THAT place.

Like is sex ALL we can get, right? Nah son. Maybe Wiz is being a little sensitive, maybe he’s pulling all of our legs, but as Rose’s former hubby and father of her son, he kind of has a point.

To go from building a life and future with someone to simply being called on to fulfill their nighttime needs not only disrespects what you had, but speaks volume to what you think of your former mate now.

But that’s just one opinion. Who knows? Amber Rose could’ve very well made the comment to enhance her podcast.

Either way, Wiz was NOT here for it.

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