Lisa Borders, the president of the WNBA has stepped down from her position to become the first0ever president and CEO of Time’s Up, the WNBA announced on Tuesday.

Time’s Up, “an organization that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for women of all kinds,” according to its website. It was founded earlier this year to help combat the pervasiveness of sexual harassment throughout the workplace.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver praised Border’s work during her three-year tenure as president, according to Yahoo Entertainment.

“We are extremely grateful for Lisa’s leadership and tireless commitment to the WNBA. This is a natural transition for Lisa knowing what a champion she is for issues involving women’s empowerment and social justice and fortunately for us, she leaves the league with strong tailwinds propelling it forward,” he said.

According to Yahoo, attendance at WNBA games reached a six-year high last year under her stewardship, games were streamed on Twitter, WNBA players appeared in video games for the first time and viewership increased.

Borders told Vanity Fair that she wanted to do more to help women following sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and after watching Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes about Time’s Up.

“I was being not just invited, but encouraged—implored—to step forward and be part of this transformational change for women.”

Borders will take over as CEO of the organization on Nov. 1 while NBA deputy commissioner Mark Tatum be the WNBA’s interim president.