Men have been known to go to war for women, while women have been known to go toe-to-toe for shoes. Two unlucky men found this out the hard way after coming across the wrong shoe fanatic in San Francisco recently. Apparently, a woman had been taking off her red-bottom beauties and replacing them with flip-flops, when a man walking nearby accidentally tapped her Louboutins. From that point on, all hell broke lose. When the man turned to apologize to the woman, he was greeted with a punch to the face, compliments of the a man accompanying the woman. 

That's when Matt Medinger, who had witnessed everything, stepped in. “I spoke up and said, ‘Whoa! Take it easy! Kicking a shoe doesn’t equal a punch in the face, Louboutins or not!’” The woman clearly begged to differ, taking that moment to bash Medingers head with the heels of her pricey stilettos. Medinger ultimately ended up in the emergency room, but not before snapping a picture of the woman on his phone and posting it to Twitter. His tweet led to a lead and the eventual discovery of this mystery heel basher. The San Francisco police are currently investigating the case.

Even though Louboutins do more than a little damage to one's bank account, if a person needs to change her heels on a busy street outside or is willing to injure someone over an innocent bump, then perhaps she should be doing less red-bottoms and more DSW.