A Kansas woman says she was shocked after receiving a letter targeting her grandchildren because of the color of their skin from an angry neighbor.

“We have noticed there are some black children at your residence,” the anonymous letter reads in part. “Maybe you are running a daycare or these are your children. In either case, we have put our house for sale. This neighborhood does not need any blacks in it.”

Nancy Wirths, 49, who lives in Wichita, told WSNW-TV she got the letter addressed to “resident” on Monday telling her that it was a “disrespect” to the neighborhood to have the kids there.

Wirths, who is White, has nine grandchildren, six of them are African American. She says that she is keeping constant watch and now does not allow the children to be outside.

Wirths also told KWCH-TV that she went to the return address written on the letter, but found that it did not exist.

Although the letter does not threaten any physical violence, she did contact authorities about it. Wichita police are investigating and say the person who sent the letter could face a charge of disorderly conduct.

“These are kids under the age of ten where me and their parents are trying to raise them, you have to love everybody, be friends with everybody. It doesn’t matter if they’re brown, purple,” Wirths said. “It’s just a shame that they have taken the innocence away from the children.”