A Maryland woman was fatally stabbed after giving money to a woman who appeared to be holding a baby, The New York Post reports.

Jacquelyn Smith, 52, was in a car with her husband and stepdaughter after midnight on Saturday in Baltimore when she saw a woman holding a sign that read “Please help me feed my baby.”

The good Samaritan, who was in the passenger seat, rolled down her window to give the woman money when a man approached the vehicle to reportedly thank her before he pulled out a knife after he tried to take her wallet. “An unknown man approached the vehicle, stabbed the woman and then left the location,” Jeremy Silbert, a spokesman from the Baltimore Police Department, told CBS 13.

Smith was reportedly stabbed in the chest and rushed to the hospital by her husband where she later died.

“It just don’t sound right to me. It just don’t sound right, it really doesn’t,” a friend of Smith’s told the New York Post. “But if it did, I can see her doing that. Going in her purse and giving someone some money. Because she’s the type of person who would do that for anybody.”

The woman who was asking for money allegedly fled the scene with the suspected killer.

According to PEOPLE, authorities have described the suspects as: “A black female who is 5 feet 4 inches and appears to be about 20 years old and a black male who is about 6 feet tall, has a goatee and appears to be about 30.”

Law enforcement officials have asked people to contact them at 410-396-2100 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup if they have any information.