A woman claiming she was sexually harassed by Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas is calling for his impeachment.

In an article for HuffPost, Angela Wright-Shannon said Thomas’ sexual predation went beyond the famous case of Anita Hill, who accused the judge of harassment in 1991:

“How do you remove sexual predators from office when all attempts to prevent their ascension in the first place failed?” Wright wrote.

“And, when the accusers are women of color, justice is not just delayed; it’s often denied outright,” she continued. “Even Anita Hill’s sophisticated demeanor and impressive standing as a professor of law didn’t shield her from being labeled ‘a little bit nutty, and a little bit slutty.’ That’s been the cultural narrative about African-American women throughout history.”

Wright’s essay comes shortly after Jill Abramson, who is White, wrote about her experiences with Thomas for New York Magazine. She has hope that Abramson’s Whiteness will lead to repercussions for Thomas as Hill’s sexual assault allegation hearing failed to do.

“Given the general lack of empathy for black female victims of sexual assault and harassment, it may help that a white woman has now accused Thomas of sexual harassment ― after he joined the bench…Normally, white women don’t have to wage the same credibility battles facing black sexual assault victims; they aren’t assigned culpability for their own victimization. Witness the Me Too movement, and the speed with which mighty men have fallen based solely on the word of their white women accusers.”

Wright also mentioned that Moira Smith, an attorney from Alaska who is also White, revealed Thomas groped her multiple times.

“It’s highly unlikely that Thomas will be impeached, but we can hope,” Wright continued. “The Me Too movement has underscored the depth and breadth of sexual harassment in our society. Finally, women are being heard and believed. Not only are women no longer willing to be silent, but men are being put on notice that their time is up.”