An unnamed woman, 20, filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly, 51, for allegedly infecting her with an STD after getting her high on drugs and alcohol. According to TMZ, the same woman recorded a private conversation with Kelly trying to get him to admit to his actions.

In the audio recording released by the site, there is no specific mention of the accusations. The singer is also short with his words as he says, “I don’t want to talk on the phone,” after instructing Jane Doe to come and see him in Chicago.

At the beginning of the clip, Kelly asks the alleged victim if she’s back “from where [she was] in [her] head.” When she responds yes, he tells her, “You know you have to prove that, right?”

The two then tiptoe around the lawsuit never directly mentioning it. At another point in the recording, Kelly can be heard asking if she is alone and speaking about how the young woman’s parents do not like him. The “My Story” singer went on to explain that he was trying to “teach” her things to “make [her] a better person.”

Kelly tries to get the woman to admit to her part in the scenario. He says, “You gotta admit you never told me nothing.” Then he goes on to say he expected her to call being humble and admit her wrongdoing.

The conversation ended as the Pied Piper says he wants to handle the issue in person telling the woman he would be in Chicago for five days.

You can hear the recording in the video above.