In honor of Women’s History Month, EBONY is highlighting dynamic Black women through the lens of our new archival series, Woman to Woman. In the second episode, we witness the political prowess of notable and powerful Black women.

Black women have always spoken out against issues that threaten their livelihood and well-being. Knowing that their gender and racial identity are used as reasons for further disenfranchisement, the political process are just one of many ways for them to fight for visibility. Notable pioneers in American politics include Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson. These women are frequently at the forefront of important issues such as education, reproductive rights, voting rights and more.

Eddie Bernice Johnson is the chair of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Representing Texas’s 30th Congressional District, she is a fearless advocate for causes that impact the Black community.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters continues to inspire us all in the fight for equity and justice in America. She frequently advocates for Black women and is known for imploring us to "reclaim our time."

Both of these women's contributions to the political landscape have paved the way for those to come.

"We are not going anywhere, we are going to stand tall and we are going to fight... Black women, get ready. Black women, stand strong. Black women, know your power," said Waters in the clip below.

Catch each episode of the series on each Friday. To view the second segment, take a peek below: