Vladimira Brace, a woman who was in club W.i.P. during the Drake/Chris Brown brawl, has hired a lawyer and is threatening to sue Drake for suffering a spinal injury. "Your client instigated a brawl with Mr. Chris Brown…[Drake's] actions were reckless and negligent in inflaming a violent mob," Brace's attorney, Allan Friedman, wrote in a letter to Drake's camp. "My client personally observed several members of [Drake's] entourage throwing bottles of champagne with reckless and criminal disregard of the well-being of the innocent bystanders."

This news comes after another female clubgoer, Lucy Pavlovsky of Hoboken, New Jersey, came forward after suffering two gashes on her arm in the bottle-throwing crossfire. Javier Solano, Pavlovsky's lawyer, is on the warpath for his client, remarking, "My plan is to sue anybody who created that dangerous atmosphere."

There was also a 24-year-old female Australian tourist who needed stitches on her forehead after being hit with a bottle.