Cari Champion is a sports broadcast journalist and television personality representing for the ladies in an area of her industry dominated by the guys, and she does it beautifully and well–a wonder we like to call #blackgirlmagic! Our 2017 EBONY Women Up honoree Cari Champion is known for having the biggest, strongest personalities in the building. From anchor on ESPN’s SportsCenter to her recent transition to SportsNation, EBONY couldn’t help but take the time to get to know just what it takes to walk in her shoes.

EBONY: What obstacles have you had to overcome to achieve success?

Champion: As a Black woman in broadcasting, let alone sports, I’ve overcome obstacles such as being undervalued and underestimated. I have to work 10 times harder for the same respect and credibility as my male and white female counterparts.

Just like success, people define and measure power differently. Some define it by dollar amount while others measure it on a greater, more personal and internal level. What does power mean to you?

Power equals resources to SHARE!

Given your platform and success, how do you demonstrate your responsibility to help inspire others? Be it through your real-life actions, social media, etc.

I created Brown Girls Dream to inspire brown girls like myself! As an informal support system for high potential young women of color, my mentorship program seeks to level the playing field by pairing young leaders with multimedia industry veterans who are committed to helping them navigate through the early stages of their careers.

How do you ensure you stay “charged up,” in both the inspiration/motivation sense as well as physically, in energy?!

Physical and mental health go hand in hand for me! It is vital that I take time to myself to rejuvenate my spirit and body, which includes consuming a healthy diet, yoga, exercise, and prayer. All of these ensure that I stay charged up

Long after you retire, what would you like your legacy to be?

Dedicated philanthropist . . . I’d like my legacy to reflect that I always give back and take the time to help others.

Photo by Matt Sayles