When it comes to business, this executive might abide by the mantra her megafamous boss, “Can’t stop, won’t stop” When Sean “Diddy” Combs named Simms head of his megasuccessful entertainment company, he gave her the power to execute Combs Enterprises’ financial and operational goals and take its multiple brands to the next level. Our 2017 EBONY Women Up honoree, Dia Simms is a woman known for her passion, ambition, hard work and commitment to excellence in producing nothing but success. Take notes, Dia gives EBONY secrets to her magnetic success, an inspiration to us all.

 Just like success, people define and measure power differently. Some define it by dollar amount, while others measure it on a greater, more personal and internal level. What does Power mean to you?

Power is realizing there is nothing that can’t be done and that is what’s so great about working for Combs Enterprises – we operate on an “anything can be accomplished” baseline. Power is staring down an audacious dream that’s so big, it’s scary…then going for it anyway.

How do you ensure that you stay “charged up,” in both the inspiration/motivation sense, as well as physically, in energy?

My energy comes from doing what I love, for people I love, with people I genuinely like and respect. I try to challenge my brain through reading and I actively keep my eyes open for inspiration in people and places. I often find inspiration in unexpected conversations and quiet places.

Who are the women who inspire you?

My mother and my daughter- the example of the kind of woman I want to be and the inspiration to be the best woman I can be.