We are almost near the end of the first month and honestly, a lot of New Year’s resolutioners who have committed to establishing a workout into their routine fall off the wagon by March.

One of the reasons for this decline (which typically results in a struggle to get back on track next New Year), is because they become overwhelmed and no longer see working out as a lifestyle, but a means to an end.

Another reason is due to getting injured. Here are three common workout injuries to avoid as you attempt to reach your fitness goals.

1. Paying attention to others in the gym.

Listen. Everyone who is at the gym are not in the gym. This means that there will be a lot of stubborn folks who have been working out incorrectly for years. If you follow their lead then you are sure to injure yourself. Get a trainer or do your research online before attempting to pay attention to that ridiculously dramatic grunter on the bench press.

2. Overexerting yourself. 

A back, leg or ankle ache or sprain could have been avoided if you would’ve listened to your body. Understand that no one can tell you how you feel better than yourself and honestly, you know when things just aren’t right. Do not test your limits. The longer you work out, the easier you will be able to tell when you’re on the verge of injury, verses just needing to go a lil bit harder in the gym.

3. Lifting too heavy.

Do not I repeat, DO NOT lift more than your body can bear. Ego lifting has no place in the gym despite being every bit of present. I’m not sure what folks who lift way heavier than their current limit. Start slow and understand that by setting goals, you will do your body justice and avoid strain.