Foodies, you may recognize Top Chef fan-favorite Chef Tiffany Derry, who is also the head chef and owner of one of the country’s most celebrated new restaurants, Roots in Dallas. Today, she joins the team at World Chef, as one of the featured culinary experts on their on-demand streaming platform which recently launched.

World Chef is like going to culinary school, but without the actual tuition fees. The platform contains interactive videos that are designed to feed the appetites of fine-dining enthusiasts, aspiring chefs and food lovers by breaking down the basics—with plenty of new content dropping weekly.

It is an unique hub where beloved chefs can share their extraordinary food and experiences directly with their fans. Alongside Derry, viewers will receive tutorials from their favorite kitchen masters including Brooke Williamson, Jet Tila, Joe Sasto, and Tim Hollingsworth, offering exclusive and shoppable recipes. These culinary maestros will take you step-by-step through interactive demos and help you create a premium crafted meal.  The celebrated cooking aficionados will also star in original series and snippets.

The platform also has an online marketplace that allows viewers to purchase ingredients and even the tools they need to follow along. Alternatively, a shopping list will be available for those who prefer shopping for items on their own. 

Image: courtesy of World Chef.

Additionally, the platform is committed to giving back. For every meal purchased on World Chef, the company will donate a meal to someone in need and provide support to the food insecure community. 

World Chef will be available for $4.99/month. Meal kits for two or more people range from $49.99 - $199.99, with nationwide delivery available.  To sign up and join the platform, visit