Do you believe in miracles? Well, if not, meet the world’s smallest, BIGGEST fighter. Back in June of last year, a baby girl born at just 28 weeks old, entered the world weighing only 0.88 lb — the same as a large, Cardbury chocolate egg and 0.12 oz less than one pound! Named Manushi, her foot was the size of her dad’s thumbnail, and she became one of the world’s smallest babies to ever survive such extreme premature conditions.

During the time of her birth, Manushi, from Rajasthan, India, measured in at only only 8.6 inches long, not breathing, with “paper thin skin and underdeveloped organs.” Born to mother Seeta, 48, and father Giriraj, 50, Manushi was given a 0.5 percent chance of surviving without brain damage. However, doctors say she “appears intellectually normal,” thus far.

According to her doctors, Manushi actually lost weight the first few days of life, since she could not be fed adequately due to the immaturity of her digestive organs. She had to be placed on parenteral nutrition, which means giving her amino acids, lipids, minerals, multivitamins, etc. Baby girl also had to be placed on advanced respiratory support due to underdeveloped lungs, and also underwent blood transfusions.

Fast forward, and the married couple of 35 years are finally taking their daughter home after a six month hospital stay. Manushi currently weighs in at just 5.2 lbs, but seems to be showing steady progress.















Her father, Giriraj said, “She just fought and fought and fought against all the odds, but she’s made it!”

What a blessing! Congrats!!

Photo source: @DailyMail