Over 2 million women in their late 30s are playing Covet Fashion on their mobile phones every month.

Covet Fashion by Glu Mobile (the same company that produces Kim Kardashian: Hollywood) is the destination app to virtually style and purchase items from your favorite fashion brands.  Over 49 percent of Americans now play video games more than they stream programs on sites such as Netflix and Hulu. Launched in 2013, Covet Fashion not only helps women stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, it also solves the eternal question of what to wear to just about any event.  Recently, the platform added additional sizes, heights, skin colors and facial features for users to choose from. It also added 50 new models in style challenges, reimagining and embracing all forms of beauty, inclusive of new sizes, shapes, heights, skin colors and facial features.


According to Glu Mobile senior vice president Mark Van Ryswyk, Covet Fashion is focused on delivering meaningful experiences to a largely underserved population, adult women.  For many users, the brand is more of a community of fashion-conscious women than just a game.  

“Our core focus is creating an interactive fashion experience. Part of the fun is driven ultimately by confidence and we want our users to feel confident. What we really want to do is capture the essence of what Covet Fashion is really all about. We’re not just enriching women’s lives, we’re helping to build it,” says Van Ryswyk.

With more than $49 billion generated from mobile apps and in-app purchases, gaming is definitely becoming a way of life for women. Physically going into a department store to buy a tee shirt or consult with a stylist is becoming a thing of the past. And the Apple App Store is partly responsible for this new shift in shopping behavior.  As mobile devices get fancier with design, quality, and accessibility, it’s only natural that women will gravitate toward shopping apps. Retailers are staying on top of this trend and targeting an audience that may not read Vogue or have a good grasp on style but is willing to explore a mobile game that is engaging enough to make them purchase a dress for their next business trip.

Covet Fashion just officially launched its latest series, Summer Wanderlust, partnering with four brands, including Botkier, Luisa Spagnoli, Sunday Somewhere and Trina Turk. Users have style challenges where they have to put together outfits for different countries that their digital character or avatar is traveling to, and submit their final look to the community. The community votes on the outfit and points are awarded based on the feedback.

“We’re collaborating with Covet Fashion because the platform offers a high level of engagement with our core audience of adult women. We love seeing how consumers style their looks with our collection and how they respond to new additions to the line. The feedback we receive from consumers is always very insightful, and the Wanderlust series is another unique opportunity to see how they engage with our summer pieces.” says Trina Turk, CEO at Trina Turk



The game even taps celebrities to help build loyalty amongst its users. In 2016, Gabrielle Union served as a “Covet Host” in the gaming challenges.


“I am absolutely thrilled to partner with Covet because it’s pioneering a new way to engage with my fans and share my passion for style while also giving them a glimpse into my very busy life,” Union said.


Users spend anywhere between 30 minutes to hours playing the mobile game, and it’s really about the activity. Although Glu Mobile takes privacy very seriously, its surveys show that users enjoy seeing products on the game come to life. Because there are daily updates, you could be styling a product on your phone, then see it in real life on the lady standing at the train stop.

Over 4,000 garments are digitally designed each season as more brands see the advertising power and exposure of hosting their products online. Each piece is designed to fit different body types and skin colors. It’s like playing dress up with futuristic paper dolls, but you have more options, less paper, and the power to buy stuff right at your fingertips.

Covet Fashion is available now to download on your iOS or Android devices.