This week we caught up with Atlanta-based Dassa Rivera, a lead nail tech working her magic over at Nelda’s Hair Salon. She (along with a few zillion other fans) grabbed tickets to the On The Run Tour to catch Beyonce and Jay-Z doing their thing. Taking style elements straight from the concert – a face mask here, an American flag t-shirt there – she created an intricate and textural manicure we fell in love with at first sight. Now that the powerhouse couple has wrapped their US tour, (they’ll be happy to be in Paris soon enough), we’re looking for any excuse to relive the concert of the summer. A buzz-worthy manicure any loyal member of the #Beehive would be proud of, this design fits the bill.

Read on to learn how this manicure inspired by music’s hottest duo was created, plus find out more about the nail artist behind it!

EBONY: Dassa, how was the design created?

Dassa Rivera: I started by applying a full set and encasing the two ‘honeycomb’ nails with yellow glitter and brown acrylic powder. Then I applied different shades of polish as the base of the other nails. I used OPI’s “Shades of Silver,” a black glitter from Urban Outfitters, and Sally Hansen’s “Orange Fuzzy Coat.” The rest of the designs were done with acrylic paints and sealed with a gel top coat.

EBONY: How did you become a nail artist?

DR: I’ve always been a nail junkie. I would be on the hunt for good nail salons, but sadly I could never find one that I was really satisfied with. I would have visions and themes ready for my nail techs, I even went as far as drawing the designs on paper. So from my frustration, one day after leaving the nail salon, I went home and used acrylic paints to create designs on my nails. All of my friends have wanted me to do their nail art since.

EBONY: What do you feel is your artistic significance when it comes to nail art?

DR: I continue to challenge myself as an artist overall. Nails have become another canvas on which I love to paint. My clients keep my creativity flowing with their ideas that I get to transfer onto their nails. I strive to create personal art for them. They are inspiring the development of my brand.

EBONY: What is one piece of advice you’d give to aspiring nail artists?

DR: Do your own research! Every nail tech is different. What works for someone won’t necessarily work for you (no matter how much they rave about it). You must practice, and practice some more. This industry is always expanding and evolving, so continue to educate yourself.

Check out more designs by Dassa Rivera on Instagram @Dassaffects.

Loren Lee