A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in the death of Zeke Upshaw, a Grand Rapids Drive player who collapsed after an NBA G-League game in March, WWMT.com reports

Upshaw’s mother, Jewel Upshaw, who filed the suit on Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District Of New York, alleges that the NBA, the Detroit Pistons Basketball Company, the owner of Grand Rapids Drive and the Deltaplex Area did not use life-saving measures to save her son’s life.

“The NBA knows that should one of its players suffer a sudden cardiac event during a game, if that player’s life-threatening condition is not addressed rapidly, accurately and effectively by properly trained medical personnel, death will follow,” the lawsuit says.

Upshaw died two days after collapsing on the court. He was 26.

*Warning* Video of Upshaw collapsing on the court.