Yahoo’s 2017 is not off to a great start and a crazy social media slip-up is why.

Whether we want to believe it or not, we live in a time where social media is important. Once dismissed as a fad, there’s no way you can escape its impact on our world. It helps us stay in touch with family and friends, with breaking news, and allows us to express ourselves while simultaneously building careers, connections, and opportunities.

In short, social media is lit.

But what makes it so priceless is when mistakes happen. Last night, Yahoo Finance accidentally (assuming they scheduled the post prior and didn’t proofread) tweeted out the N-word. We think they meant to put “bigger,” oops! See below:

(Editor’s Note: Some offensive language contained below)


#YahooFinance had a small typo on their #Twitter page …

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And then came the apology.


Now, as we head into America’s Trump era (yes, it’s really happening), it makes us wonder if this was really a mistake. But before we could even decide, #BlackTwitter caught wind of the slipup and turned it into a joke.

And for the trolls who wanted to lash out at #BlackTwitter’s fun, we also had a message for you: