If you’re a fan of ABC’s Black-ish, you’ve seen Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi), the eldest Johnson sibling, transition through high school and torture her younger brother Junior, all while being an all-around iconic diva.

Now, it looks like it’s time for 17-year-old Zoey to break out on her own. While Black-ish will head back to ABC on Tuesday nights this fall, you will get to see Zoey in her own A Different World-esque adventure over at Freeform.

In College-ish, Zoey leaves home for school and arrives at University. She quickly discovers that not everything goes her way once she leaves the nest. Charlie, played by Deon Cole will join Zoey as she embarks on a new chapter, as well as a series of other characters that will make up University’s general student body population.

American Crime alum Trevor Jackson, SNL’s Chris Parnell and Veep’s Matt Walsh will also be joining the series.

Originally, we all thought we would see Shahidi’s spin-off on ABC. However, when it was tested during a backdoor pilot, the network felt that it was just a tad too young for their audience. Therefore, the millennial centered, Freeform network saw opportunity and scooped it right up.

We’re going to miss the typically apathetic and self-centered Zoey on Black-ish, but we will certainly love her on her own series. Will you be watching College-ish when it premieres this fall?