Yara Shahidi is such an inspiring light!

The 17-year-old actress and co-star of hit ABC series, black-ish recently shared that she received acceptance to every college she applied to. Though the soon-to-be college freshman didn’t dish on her options, she plans on making a final decision soon.

“My college plans are all up in the air, but I will choose within the next month,” she recently told Seventeen.

Despite her booming career, which also includes professional modeling , Shahidi is set on pursuing a double major in sociology and African Studies.

“As much as I want free time, I love to challenge myself. So it really goes back to the point that I want to study as much as possible and [doing] a double major is the solution.”

The good news doesn’t fully come as a surprise, as the bubbly talent has always been vocal about her studies.

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And then well, you know, when the former First Lady pens a recommendation letter for you…you’re definitely on the path toward a fruitful future.

Thank you!

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Congrats Yara! Oh and we have to give her props once again for the upcoming black-ish spin-off series. Get the deets here.