Walmart’s Great Value brand got the cold shoulder for the release of its new ice cream flavor in celebration of Juneteenth, Madame Noire reports. It was another instance of a large white conglomerate trying to cash in on crop. This time around Blacks folks were not having it and voiced their disapproval loud and clear on social media. Walmart is now pulling the product from its stores as a result of the backlash.

This past week a photo had surfaced that appeared to show the Walmart-affiliated retail brand preparing to drop their “Celebration Edition” ice cream flavor—red velvet cake, one of the traditional foods of Juneteenth celebrations—in honor of the holiday. The swirled red velvet and cheesecake ice cream came in a yellow, green, and red container reminiscent of the African flag. Additionally, it featured two Black hands high-fiving each other on its packaging container.

Black folks all over social media shared their thoughts on Walmart’s ode to to the African-American holiday.

Walmart execs: “What are we going to do to recognize the significance and importance of this day?”

The office idiot: “What about a limited edition ice cream?”

Exec: “Okay. This could work. Maybe. But what flavor?”

Idiot: “How about red velvet cake? Who doesn’t like that?”

Another Twitter user directed her followers to pick some ice cream that is Black-owned instead of the Walmart Juneteenth freedom flavor.

“If you’re at Walmart and you’re thinking about buying the one on the left,” a post read. “Take a few seconds to look for and buy the one on the right. They are the same flavor except Creamalicious Ice Creams is Black owned.”

Popular social media personality and comedian Kevin Fredricks, aka KevOnStage, captioned his video of the ice cream, “Walmart selling Juneteenth ice cream?!”

Walmart has not released an official statement about the ice cream.