Compton rapper YG has been vocal in his support of ex-NFL baller Colin Kaepernick, who hasn’t landed a spot on any team this season due to his choice to take a knee for social injustice last year. Many have chosen to boycott the NFL in support of Kaepernick, but the Stay Dangerous spitter is being honest with himself, saying he’s simply too into sports to sit out the season.

During his latest sit-down with The Breakfast Club, he confessed he’d be tuning into the 2018-2019 NFL season, saying, “I’m supporting Kaepernick, but I’m watching the games. Cause I’m a sports n*gga.”

He went on, “But if I was in the NFL, when bro took that knee, I would have took that knee with him. Because, I know they’re trying to put him in a twist for the reason he took a knee, but he was talking about the other sh*t. All the police killing blacks, and shit getting swept under the rug – that’s why he was taking a knee.”

Charlamagne then asked why he would support an organization that treats Kaepernick unfairly, with the California artist responding, “because I’m Americanized. I just love the NFL. And it’s already over with.”

Check out the clip from the interview below.

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Kaepernick’s name was recently scrubbed from the lyrics of YG’s “Big Bank,” on the soundtrack to this year’s Madden, but was soon added back by EA Sports following public backlash.