Whether you wear your hair natural, relaxed, long or short, keeping your mane tamed can break the bank and eat up your free time! But for some, the price and effort to ensure your tresses stay in check is worth it. That’s why we’re introducing this brand new series to spotlight our readers’ coolest ‘dos. Do you pay a pretty penny or do you know how to handle your hair with frugality? Send your submissions to [email protected] for a chance to break down the cost of your coif.

NAME: Ola Ronke

OCCUPATION/PASSION PROJECT: I am a set designer/decorator for music videos and independent films, collage artist and yoga teacher. I am also the founder and director of The Free Black Woman’s Library, a Brooklyn based mobile collection dedicated to honoring and exploring Black women’s narratives through words, music and performance. Additionally, I am the founder and director of So Hum Studios, a yoga hub used to support and nurture health and wellness through the practices of meditation.

SIGNATURE STYLE: I keep my hair versatile, fun, femme, sexy and grown with low maintenance styles including twist outs, Afros, and crochet braids.

PRICE TAG: About $30 per month

WHAT PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES DO YOU USE TO SWITCH UP YOUR HAIRSTYLES? I am very do-it-yourself, partly to save money and partly to avoid using products that are filled with tons of chemicals. As a result, I end up making a lot of the items for my daughter and me. If I buy something pre-made, I read the label and make sure I can recognize the ingredients.

Both my daughter and I have extremely thick natural hair – often referred to as 4c. My goal for both of us is to keep it soft and moist. We do a lot of low maintenance styles such as twist outs and bushy Afros, and we do very little combing and manipulating, detangling mainly with fingers.

I make sure to keep it moisturized and conditioned with a homemade mixture of water, castor oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil and a few drops of lavender mainly for the smell. I make deep conditioners from avocado and olive oil, which make my hair feel really healthy and fluffy.

I have learned a lot from the many naturalista videos on YouTube. That’s how I discovered crochet braids, which I am currently rocking right now. It’s a way to keep my hair simple and styled without fussing with it every day. Crochet braids normally cost $200-300, but thanks to the online tutorials I have learned to do them myself.

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